Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Silver Strikes Gold!

Two nights, two championships, dos amigos. Just when it seemed the Silver Heart Radicalz were pretty much over, we shocked the world not once....
But twice.

That's right, it the matter of one weekend the Silver Heart Radicalz (Ray Rosas and Lucha Machine) brought home four more belts. The Battleground and New Wave Tag Team Championships. On back to back nights. I'm not sure that's ever been done before but I'll say it's a first in history. Since it was Halloween weekend, Lucha Machine and I dressed up and wrestled as our favorite wrestlers. Lou was Matt Hardy V.1 and I was the Rock Superstar Kaos.

It wasn't easy at BattleGraound we had to defeat the super fan favorite Black Knights. They are white hot with charisma and talent. The next night we outlasted 3 other teams in a four corner elimination match with The RockNES Monsters, Peter Avalon and Johnny Paradise and finally Ric Ellis who decided to wrestle alone.

It was such a great feeling to finally win some tag gold with one of my best friends. We worked really hard and struggled to get our team off the ground. It took us about a year but I feel now we're really clicking as a team. We've been on the chase for so long but now we have the target on us. We have dozens of competitors knocking our door and we're ready to answer any challenge.

-Ray Rosas